centroaplis com
centroaplis com

Centroaplis Com 2022 Reviews: Is Centroaplis Trustworthy?

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In this post, we will talk about the centroaplis.com web portal, delving into the ins and outs and the validity of centroaplis.com.

What is Centroaplis.com?

Centroaplis.com is an online web portal that was founded in 2017 in Colombia and has several affiliates in other countries.

This site was created with the aim of educating the general public about the importance of this up-and-coming system.

centroaplis com
centroaplis com

Centroaplis provides in-depth information about the latest applications, surveillance camera applications, open-ground video games, and more to the general public.

Features At Centroaplis

Centroaplis offers a wide variety of topics, such as applications on Android, iPhone, tips and solutions for various technologies, as well as some educational content. 

When a visitor clicks on a topic that is liked/targeted, this site will provide a link that is linked to a YouTube channel that is quite popular and in accordance with the topic you want to explore.

Information About Centroaplis Site

The following detailed information about the centroaplis web portal: 

  • Web page:  https://centroaplis.com/ 
  • Contact information: not available
  • Email: Jorge3135103866@gmail.com 
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (no mention of social media username)
  • Company Location: Colombia (headquarters)
  • Registrar: Name.com, Inc.
  • Web page registration time: 29 April 2022
  • Web Page expiration time: 29 April 2023
  • Founder: Jorge And Angel

Centroaplis.com Legitimacy Identification Factors

The following factors can help in identifying the legitimacy of a web portal:

  • Site start time: 29 April 2022
  • Site developer: Jorge and Angel
  • Alexa Rating: Not available
  • Trust Index: Only 2%
  • Social Media: Found on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube
  • Replica information rate: Web page replica information 28%.

User Reviews

No user reviews were found on the centroaplis.com site or any other site.

Conclusion, Is This Site Reliable?

It is a little difficult to determine whether this site can be trusted or not because there are no reviews from site users. 

However, when viewed from the detailed information on this site, there are several things that we can use as benchmarks, namely, the age of the site is very new, which is less than 4 months, the trust index is low and only touches 2%, the absence of Alexa.com rankings, and absence of contact information and social media details. Because of that, we have doubts about this centroaplis site.

If so, what is your response? Is this site trustworthy?

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