Fundprizes com
Fundprizes com

Fundprizes com (2022 Reviews) : Check More Here!

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Fundprizes com — We often come across charity platforms that raise funds for the poor and those who are in disaster. In fact, however, many of these charity platforms are simply scams.

This time we will discuss, a fundraising platform for students. Is legit? Or did it turn out to be a scam?

Fundprizes com
Fundprizes com

What is Fundprizes. com?

Fundprizes is a fundraising platform. When visiting the website, visitors will be directed to the website. Therefore, from here we will discuss is a platform that raises funds for students in an interesting way, namely by selling products on their platform.

How Works

If you want to join, you can register as a seller, sponsor, or buyer who purchases goods and donates to students. If you register as a buyer you will get a student code that you need to claim first on the shopping page. If you register as a seller, you will be asked to provide your student code. Unlike the case if you register as a sponsor, you will be asked to fill in some desired data such as: name, mobile number, and email.

Fundprizes Website Legitimacy

Some site legitimacy that can be used as a benchmark whether this site is safe to use:

  • Domain registration date: June 4, 2019
  • Domain expiration date: July 4, 2022
  • Confidence score: More than 80%
  • Customer reviews: Yes, but not much
  • Location: 9540 Maroon Cir. Ste 100, Englewood, Colorado, 80112, United States of America
  • Revenue: Less than $50 million


Platforms like Fundprizes are unique and rare. Many of them (the Fundprizes team) are actively strategizing and promoting the jni platform to raise donations.Lately, crowdfunding sites are on the rise as fees go up 5%.

The Fundprizes team is doing its best to improve the appearance of the site to attract people’s attention. However, this is certainly a confusing thing for many users.

Due to the prevalence of fraud using similar fundraising platforms, we recommend that you find out more about this platform if you want to donate.

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