is Actcri Shop Legit or Scam?Actcri Shop Review

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is actcri shop legit — Currently, there are many online shops that sell various types of customer needs. Online stores are very popular because they make it easier for customers to shop.

However, online stores can also be detrimental to customers, we say that because there are many online stores that turn out to be scams and cause losses to customers.

Today we will discuss Actcri Shop which is also an online shop.

is actcri shop legit
is actcri shop legit
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What we want to know is whether Actcri Shop really sends the goods purchased by customers or if this online shop is part of a scam?

What is Actcri Shop?

Actcri ( is an online store that offers and sells various types of products such as mountain bikes, Orion stoves, jackery portable power station explorers, BBQ smokers convection, and many more. The products sold at are also sold at very affordable prices.

Some Suspicious Things About Actcri Shop

There are several suspicious things we found about Actcri Shop, namely:

  • No social media accounts listed
  • The contact address listed on their website is fake. They listed the address on their website as 2834 North Harper, Terrace, Peoria, Illinois, 61604 United States but in reality this address is not their office address, but the residential address of a civilian
  • Unreasonable/suspicious discount
  • Customer Reviews. On their website/site, not many customer reviews are found and if there are, it contains only a few complaints
  • Customers who have made purchases say that the goods they ordered and the goods they received did not match, and the process of refunding or returning products they did always failed and never succeeded
  • Hiding a lot of information
  • The content they display on the website is stolen content. The content in the form of product images on the website are images from various other online stores.

In Conclusion, Is Actcri Shop Legit or Scam?

is actcri shop legit ? From some of these suspicious things, needs to be suspected and needs to be avoided. We can just say that this online shop is a scam.

Considering the discounts they provide are very large and when customers make purchases of the goods they ordered and what is sent does not match, also when they return products and funds that do not match, customers experience difficulties and the return process always fails. Isn’t it obvious that is a scam?

Next, it’s just how you as a customer consider whether to trust this online store or even be wary of not making purchases through this store to avoid scams.

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