is Clawee Legit or Scam? Clawee App Review

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is clawee legit — Nowadays, there are more and more people who like to spend time playing games, it’s not even uncommon for them to spend quite a lot of money to get a more interesting gaming experience. 

Currently, many games actually generate prizes or even money for the players.

This time we will discuss the Clawee App, which is one of the games that generate/give prizes to its players.

is clawee legit
is clawee legit
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But what we need to ask is, did Clawee really send those gifts to the players?

What is Clawee App?

Clawee App is a virtual claw machine application, virtual claw machine is actually a virtual form of the real claw machine stored in a secret place.

Clawee claims that they actually shipped the prize the winner won on the claw machine game.

More Information About Clawee App

Information you need to know about Clawee App:

  • Clawee was first released in 2017 which was invented by the company Gigantic
  • To play, you can play as a guest and if you want to get tokens for free you have to register and fill in the required data. required
  • To play this game, you have to buy tokens or you can get them in other ways.
  • You can choose which item (gift) you want to play, this can be done if there are enough tokens.
  • Each prize has a different number of tokens, depending on the type and size prizes on the claw machine.
  • For now, Clawee can only be played in 14 countries
  • . You can download Clawee on the App Store or on the Play Store.

Does Clawee Really Send Gifts?

Some of the players said that they received the prizes they won from Clawee, the gifts they received after a few days of waiting. However, many players did not receive any rewards from Clawee even after waiting a very long time.

Conclusion, Can Clawee be Trusted?

From the testimonials of Clawee claw machine players, most of them did not receive the prizes they won. We cannot clearly conclude whether this Clawee is legit or is a scam. 

If you just want to play games without expecting to be sent gifts, then you can play this game. But if you really want the prize to be sent to your home, we recommend that you check again personally whether you are sure to spend money to buy tokens to be able to play the game and after that if you win, the certainty of your gift will be sent or not is still questionable?

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