is humanatic call reviewing legit
is humanatic call reviewing legit

is Humanatic Call Reviewing Legit?Humanatic Review 2022

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is humanatic call reviewing legit — The convenience provided by the existence of the internet has an impact on various sectors of people’s lives today.

Not only beneficial for individuals, households, or institutions, as well as companies.

There are many things that are now starting to be taken over by the internet or at least assisted by the internet.

is humanatic call reviewing legit
is humanatic call reviewing legit

Due to the many platforms/websites that turn out to be scams and take many victims, this time we will review one online platform that is claimed to be able to make money by working from anywhere and anytime, namely the Humanatic platform.

Is Humanatic legit or a scam?

is humanatic call reviewing legit?

Humanatic ( is an online platform that provides business call analysis services. Humanatic is an alternative for people who want to increase their income and earn extra money.

Because this job at is a job only to increase income, so the work and results you get may not be commensurate and not as big as the income from your regular job.

How Humanatic Works

To earn from, you just need to listen to the calls and mark them according to the guidelines provided by humanatic. 

The following are the steps for how to review calls that need to be carried out:

  • Make sure you have read and understand humanatic guidelines and guidelines so that it is easy to carry out call analysis.
  • You visit the official humanatic website and you will see a list of calls that you can analyze (make sure you have registered first)
  • You can select the calls you want to listen to and start listening 
  • Next you have to sort, mark, and categorize the types of calls.
  • Then you just have to send The results of your analysis will then be checked by Humanatic
  • Humanatic and then verify whether your marking is correct or not.

Your high level of tagging accuracy will affect the number of calls you can review and analyze. The higher your accuracy rating, the more calls you’ll be able to review, and that means more chances of earning your money. 

You have to maintain an accuracy rate of 95% – 100% in order to keep getting a large number of calls, if your accuracy rate drops then the number of calls you can review will also decrease. And if your accuracy rate drops below 80% then your account may be deactivated.

Payment Policy

Each call you review has a different value, your earnings will be credited to the Humanatic account. Your money can be withdrawn if it has reached a minimum of $ 10. Payments can only be made via PayPal. If you have reached the $10 mark, you can request payment on Wednesday and it will be processed on Thursday. Maximum payment request is on Wednesday at 12:00, if more than that it will be processed in the next period (next week).


Humanatic has so far received no major complaints. The complaints we see about are the low rewards/earnings and limited payment methods. As stated earlier, is a platform to earn a small amount of additional income, your income on depends on your performance in reviewing calls. 

So, we can conclude that the platform is legit and trustworthy, many users say that they actually receive money from the work of reviewing calls to

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