is Kickscrew Legit 2022? Kicks Crew Latest Review 2022

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is kickscrew legit — Over time, the online buying and selling business is growing and attracts many customers.

Online shopping platforms are increasingly offering more types and products, ranging from clothing, footwear, bags, household necessities, other supporting necessities, even food. 

This is actually used by scammers to create online shopping platforms/websites that sell fake goods and even these scammers actually never sell anything on their platform/website. 

is kickscrew legit
is kickscrew legit
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We often encounter scammers who go into the business of buying and selling shoes. Some platforms claim that they sell imitation shoes of well-known brands from the original brand directly.

Therefore, people questioned the legitimacy of the platform/website they found.

What is Kicks Crew?

KicksCrew is an online sneaker trading platform, website or store based in Hong Kong. Kickscrew was founded by Johnny Mak (CEO) and Ross Adrian Yip (COO) in 2008.

Kickscrew itself was founded by sneakers lovers. They founded Kickscrew with the aim of sharing and being a platform that provides affordable sneakers for sneakers lovers.

Kickscrew sells all kinds of sneakers including rare collectibles, hard-to-find exclusives, regular shoes, most popular shoes and more. 

KickScrew is a platform that is widely discussed and used by customers. This platform has also developed into a platform that sells products other than sneakers, namely clothing and accessories which offers more than 400,000 models and types, and can be shipped all over the world.

Kicks Crew Website Specifications

  • Domain address: 
  • Email: 
  • Phone number: (+8)5228111120
  • Social media: Instagram @kickscrewcom
  • Payment method: PayPal and debit card
  • Shipping policy: Standard and express shipping cost
  • Return Policy: 7 days after delivery on working days
  • Refund Policy: 85% of the product price
  • Mid-term: 15% fee for all forms of purchase

is kickscrew legit or Scam?

Kickscrew received positive ratings and reviews on several social media platforms and from many online shoppers. Youtubers, influencers, sneakerheads who leave positive reviews about the products they buy from Kickscrew. 

There are also some customers who complain about the delay in delivery, this is because the order is sent from Hong Kong and of course it takes a little longer to get to the customer, especially if the customer is abroad. However, those customers still gave positive comments about the quality of Kickscrew products.

Kickscrew also has verified social media (instagram), contact and email are available, even policies regarding shipping, product returns and refunds are very clear. 

So we can confirm that this Kicks Crew platform/website is legit and really trusted.

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