is koodoo legit
is koodoo legit

Is Koodoo legit? Koodo Latest Review 2022

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is koodoo legit — So far, we often encounter online shopping platforms (e-commerce) that provide materials for household needs, daily needs (food ingredients), and even fashion needs.

But this time there is something more interesting, namely online e-commerce that provides game products and content. It might be a little foreign to some people, but it’s really interesting.

is koodoo legit
is koodoo legit

However, is the e-commerce platform really legit and trusted?.

What is Koodoo?

Koodoo ( is an online retailer run by GameFinity, which is the team that ensures the PS brand is well represented in South Africa. is an online e-commerce that provides game products and content, koodoo offers convenience to its customers, namely an extraordinary experience when shopping online, such as when you visit the website, view available products then place an order, then when the product you order arrived at your doorstep.

How Koodoo Works

To create an account on koodoo is very easy, you only need to log in using your email, fill in the required data and enter your password. After your account has been successfully created, you can immediately search for the product you want and add it to the shopping cart, after placing an order you only need to make a payment.

For payment processing, koodoo provides several payment methods, namely through Visa and Mastercard, payments through the post office, Mobicreed, Instant EFT and others.

When you shop online through koodoo, you will get free shipping if you make a purchase above R450. Since we all know that gaming products are not expensive enough, then the free shipping terms if you shop above R450 are more than enough for them. 

In addition, you can also pick up the products you buy at the koodoo place, as long as you are in South Africa, and preferably your place is not far from the koodoo center. 

This direct pick-up is usually done by consumers who are really in a hurry and can’t wait for the delivery process to take a long time. Because delivery will be made before 12:00 if payment is made under 12:00, but if payment is made after 12:00 then delivery will be made the next day.

Is Koodoo Legit?

According to, koodoo is safe and can be used by consumers. Koodoo is said to be safe because it is supported by several things, namely:

  • Koodoo has an SSL certificate
  • The location of koodoo is trusted and can be tracked
  • The age of the website is said to be sufficient 

Because scamadviser checks automatically, before using koodoo you should as a consumer check again manually to further confirm whether koodoo completely trusted and you avoid scams.

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