is moosejaw legitis moosejaw legit
is moosejaw legit

Is Moosejaw Legit? – Moosejaw Site Latest Review!

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is moosejaw legit — Everyone certainly tries their best to fulfill the needs of their hobby. Many of them are willing to spend large sums of money for their hobbies, both to buy clothes, equipment, rent a place, and all other hobby needs. 

One of the interesting activities, which are classified as hobbies, is outdoor activities that are quite adrenaline-pumping, such as hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding, snorkeling, camping, and many more. 

To fulfill the need for this hobby, they of course try their best to buy attractive clothes and equipment of the best quality that can be used when doing outdoor activities.

is moosejaw legitis moosejaw legit
is moosejaw legit

This time, we will discuss, which is a shop/platform that sells clothes that can be worn while doing outdoor activities. However, is Moosejaw Legit and trustworthy?

What is Moosejaw?

Moosejaw ( is an online retailer that sells various products such as equipment that can be used for outdoor activities, such as rock climbing, hiking, snowboarding, snorkeling, camping, and others. The company was founded by Bill Schulman with two of his friends Robert Wolfe and David Jaffe in 1992. 

In 1992, they set up their first store in Keego Harbor, Michigan, then began trying to enter e-commerce in the following years. Then, in 2007, they sold the company to Walmart for $51 million. 

Moosejaw Products and Prices

There are various types of products from many well-known brands that are sold at Moosejaw, including:

  • Clothing, Equipment and Outdoor Equipment: all kinds of headwear, waterproof jackets, thermal shirts, and others
  • Footwear: various types of boots , hiking boots, ice skates, and straps
  • Sports essentials: yoga mats, paddles, snowboards, helmets, hammocks and more
  • Other Essentials: backpacks, cameras, suitcases, and more.

The products in Moosejaw are sold at very cheap prices, much cheaper than other stores. Moosejaw sells its products with offers up to 63% of the retail price. This is a little hard to believe considering that some of their products like bicycles, surfboards and others will cost more. 

Small-sized products such as hats and gloves are sold at normal prices, more or less the same as other stores. While footwear and clothing are sold in the $70 – $500 price range.

Moosejaw Policies

  • Shipping Policies. Moosejaw makes deliveries internationally and locally. For international shipments, not all US-made items can be shipped. Shipping costs and times depend on the product and type of shipping you choose. Normally, shipping will take 4-6 days, also 1-3 days shipping is available (the cost will be a little more expensive). For orders above $49 will be waived the
  • Return Policy shipping fee. Moosejaw offers lifetime product returns and exchanges for some of its products, whereas electronic products only have a 30 day time limit for returns. If the returned product is still worthy of sale, your funds will be sent back within 60 days at the latest, and will be returned to the same account that you used when making payment.

Conclusion: is moosejaw legit?

This store has all the information needed, especially with all the policies that will not harm the buyer. 

Moosejaw was assigned an average to good trust score by Moosejaw comes with SSL certification, and is trusted by Trend Micro. However, this site has a lot of customer reviews complaining about its service. 

Because checks the site automatically, we suggest you check it yourself if you want to shop at this store. timahawk

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