Is Patpat Legit
Is Patpat Legit

Is Patpat Legit? Patpat Latest Reviews

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Is Patpat Legit — There are many sites/shops that offer family clothes such as maternity clothes, baby clothes, family couple clothes, accessories, and more.

Parents certainly want the best clothes for their babies. Pregnant women also want clothes that are comfortable to wear, as well as other family members.

For that, they must be looking for a shopping site that provides family clothes at the same time, with good quality products as well.

Is Patpat Legit
Is Patpat Legit

This time we will review the Patpat site, is this site Legit? Do they actually ship the product?

What is Patpat?

Patpat is an online retailer in the fast fashion sector that sells family clothes, such as baby clothes, family couple clothes, pregnant women’s clothes, accessories, baby equipment, maternity supplies, and others.

Patpat was founded by Albert Wang and Ken Gao in 2014 in Mountain View, California. Patpat sells the best quality clothes at affordable prices.

Products that Patpat Sells

  • Matching Sets. Patpat sells matching family clothing sets with various colors and motifs. Matching Set is sold at a fairly affordable price, which is less than $15
  • Maternity Clothing. The maternity clothes in Patpat are quite comfortable for pregnant women, although the quality is not as good as other brands, but Patpat tries to make the products comfortable to wear even though they are sold at affordable prices. These maternity clothes are not only clothes, pants, or dresses, Patpat also provides breastfeeding clothes and shapewear
  • Women’s Accessories. Women’s accessories are sold at a more affordable price. Accessories sold in Patpat are hair clips, glasses, belts, and other accessories that are trending and in great demand.

Is Patpat Legit?

Patpat has received many positive reviews from its customers. Patpat also received a fairly high trust score, namely 4.65/5 from Sitejabber and Trust Pilot, with a fairly large number of reviews, namely 5,854 reviews on Sitejabber and 24,914 reviews on Trustpilot.

There are several customer reviews that say that they are not satisfied with the quality of the product. But we understand this, why do you expect the best quality clothes when you only spend a little money (affordable prices)?

We believe that this website is legit and trustworthy, given the high number of positive reviews and high trust scores.

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