Is Questbridge Legit
Is Questbridge Legit

Is Questbridge Legit? – Questbridge (2022) Reviews

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Is Questbridge Legit — The world of education is currently growing rapidly, but there are still many people with low economies who find it difficult to pursue higher education.

Many of them choose to seek scholarships, although the process will certainly be very long and tiring, but whatever will be done to get a higher education.

This time we will discuss Questbridge, is Questbridge legit and trustworthy?

Is Questbridge Legit
Is Questbridge Legit

What is Questbridge?

Questbridge is a national company that helps connect scholarship-seeking students (mostly from low-income families) to higher education institutions.Questbridge helps provide scholarships with the aim of providing more opportunities for students who wish to pursue higher education.Questbridge cooperates/partners with several universities such as Boston, Amherst, Colby, Stanford, Brown, and others.

More Information About Questbridge

Some information about the Questbridge site:

  • Website address:
  • Contact information: (650) 331-3280 or (888) 275-2054
  • Email: (public), contact Email that can be contacted based on your interests and needs, can be found at
  • Address: Palo Alto, California
  • Founded Time: 1987
  • Partners: More than 40 top universities.

Benefits that Questbridge Provides

Some of the things you can get from Questbridge, namely:

  • Guide. Complete guide to registration, what you need to prepare, and other important information
  • Scholarship. If you pass all stages, you can get funding/scholarship
  • List of colleges. You will get a list of good colleges, which you can consider before choosing to enroll
  • Experience. Of course you will get an interesting experience when applying to college with the help of a platform.

About Questbridge Scholarship

Questbridge scholarships are usually full scholarships for 4 years of study, with a value of over $200,000 for each recipient.This is of course provided that participants must show proof that their household income is less than $65,000 / year (for 4 family members).

Conclusion, Is Questbridge Legit?

If you question whether this site is Legit? The answer is Yes, this site is legit and trustworthy. There is nothing suspicious about this Questbridge company/site, no negative reviews, and all required information is presented in full on their site. timahawk

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