is questra world legit
is questra world legit

Is Questra World legit? Questra World Review

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is questra world legit — Along with the development of the internet, people began to make money through the internet, many of them even did instant methods without knowing whether the method they were taking would actually generate or even harm themselves.

Things like this actually trigger the emergence of companies that offer several ways to make money online.

One company that offers this is an investment program that promises very high returns after a certain period of time.

is questra world legit
is questra world legit

But in reality, many investment programs that promise high yields prove to be scams, because none of them are able to sustain high interest rates.

This time, we will discuss Questra World, which is an investment company that promises high returns. Does Questra World really make money and not a scam like other investment programs?

What is Questra World?

Questra World was previously known as Questra Holdings. Questra World is an investment opportunity where when you put money in then you will get a weekly ROI of 4% or even more.

They also promise a return of at least 200% at the end of your investment period. Questra World will ask you to invest a minimum of €90 with weekly returns.

The Bad Things About Questra World

  • Questra World was formerly known as Questra Holdings. Back then they had used “” as the domain
  • . The company only lists its CEO as Jose Manuel Gilabert, but not much information about him or the company is given
  • . Questra World’s source of income is the amount invested by affiliates. They use investments from new affiliates to pay existing affiliates which makes Questra World a Ponzi scheme, which of course is an illegal scheme.
  • The company has previously received warnings from several countries and has the relevant authorities. It is said that Questra World company is not an official investment company, therefore Questra World cannot provide any investment services

Several warnings Questra World received from various countries regarding their investment endeavors:

  • Warning by Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority in September 2016 (regulatory warning due to ponzi fraud)
  • Warning by Austrian Financial Market Authority on 27 October 2016 (investor warning)
  • Warning by National Bank of Slovakia On 24 July 2016 (public warning)
  • Warning and investigative announcement from several countries namely Liechtenstein, United Kingdom and Belgium
  • Warning from Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (CONSOB), financial regulator from Italy on 20 July 2017
  • Under investigation by Poland for violations of the Polish Banking Act and the Law on Investment Funds.

Is Questra World Legit?

The amount of return they offer is actually ridiculous, while their own income is earned through affiliates. Then getting so many warnings makes us wonder about the legality of Questra World.

Can you still trust an investment company that has received warnings from several countries over the years? 

From this we conclude that Questra World is a scam. However, if you still feel like investing through this company, we suggest you look for more in-depth information so that investments that should benefit you can actually be detrimental to you. 

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