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Advertisement Legit or Scam — For book lovers, a platform that provides the benefits of reading books will certainly be very fun. Reading and being given money, who doesn’t want to?

This time we will review, a site that gives money to readers who want to give reviews related to the books they read. Legit or Scam Legit or Scam

However, is really Legit? Or is it the same as other scam sites?

What is is a website that provides opportunities for readers and writers. Readers earn money (by receiving payment) members read and leave reviews about books they read, and authors get reviews for their books from readers.

You are free to give positive or negative reviews about the books you read, they will still pay you, because the most important thing is your speed and completeness in providing reviews.

Pros of the

  • Platform to read books for free. You can read books here for free, then leave a review and you will be paid
  • Get paid by submitting reviews
  • You will be given the freedom to choose the book you want to read and review

Cons of

  • It takes time to read books and leave reviews
  • Wages are very low. The wages given to you depend on the speed with which you leave a review
  • Any punctuation or other grammatical errors will result in a 10-point deduction from the whole Site Details

  • Domain:
  • Founded time: 2011
  • Payment method: PayPal

How the Site Works

  • You will be asked to create an account
  • You can start choosing a book and reading
  • Then you can start giving a review
  • Your review will not be approved immediately, it will only be approved when it meets the requirements
  • If you meet the requirements, your review will be approved, and you can only start giving paid reviews and will be rewarded with points/wages


You will only be paid $5 for every money review you write, and can increase as your level increases. Payments available only via PayPal.

So, Is Legit or Scam?

This site looks safe to use, and gets a score of 3.87/5. This website will be suitable for readers who do not think much about the wages received, because the wages are relatively small.

If you like to read and provide reviews related to reading books, you will fit in with this site. Where else can you get free reading books? Instead you just need to give an honest review of the book.

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