Scam Scam Scam : Is Legit or Scam?

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Advertisement Scam — The internet has 2 different sides, it can be very useful by providing all the information needed, it can also be detrimental because it becomes a place for fraudsters to carry out their actions.

There are a lot of scams going on over the internet, especially through websites that attract a lot of users. Scam Scam

This time we will discuss, a site that operates in South Africa, is this site legit? Or is it a scam?

What is Paythat?

Paythat is an application/platform used to obtain information regarding fines on vehicles, Paythat operates in South Africa, especially the city of Cape Town.

To find out your vehicle fine, you only need to enter the traffic customer number.

But in fact, many users report this platform ( as a Scam.


  • Cape Town’s traffic laws have been updated, which relates to statutory payment violations regulations
  • Currently payment services are carried out and provided by third parties
  • Using 3 payment channels, namely Snapscan, Masterpass, and Zapper
  • Payments are made at many points and many locations
  • You can also make payments via the link
  • Termination of old payment channels (Easypay, Paycity, and Click)

Other Scam Data

Some information about;

  • The site was created in February 2022, indicating that this site is still very new
  • The site will end in February 2023, needs to be updated in the near future
  • The confidence score obtained is only 1%
  • No survey found on the site
  • Has HTTPS security protocol


We find it hard to find reasons to say this site is safe to use. This site is still very new, the trust score is only 1%. Even though you use the HTTPS protocol, you still have to be careful when you want to make payments through this site.

We do not recommend this site for you to use, considering that there is very little information related to this site. And to avoid fraud and data theft, you should rethink whether to use this site or not?

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