smstowintv com login
smstowintv com login

Smstowintv com login: How to Register and Play

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smstowintv com login — Before joining and winning the smstowintv program, there are several things that must be considered, we will describe more detailed information about the following smstowintv program.

smstowintv com login
smstowintv com login

How to Login

To join the smstowintv program, you must always register in each program. Login can be done in 2 ways, via the internet or via mobile.

  • Login Via Internet

You can directly register by visiting their official website at, just follow the free registration guide listed on the site.

Note: you can only register during the program, the program execution time will be listed on the main page of the site.

When registering, there are several data that you must fill in, such as your full name, landline/personal phone number (South Africa only). This data is to make it easier for the program to contact you, if needed.

  • Login Via SMS

You can join the program by sending an SMS to the SMS program number, which is 39975 or another number listed on the show screen. Program SMS numbers are subject to change at any time, so make sure you keep the web pages together when the program starts.Note: (the number will only be listed when the program has started, and when the program information starts, is displayed on the main screen of the site).

How to Play, the Terms & Conditions of the Smstowintv Program

  • Login to with internet or mobile phone (SMS). You can follow the login method that we described earlier.
  • At each show, players will be notified when they have made their 15th and 150th builds (no more entries when they have reached their 150th build). Players will be given a warning on the 13th anniversary, and limit information when they reach 150
  • Players will be selected at random. If lucky, then I will be included in the list of round participants. Round Participants are participants selected as the last and current screening. If you are lucky, the “Selected Participant” will be directly connected to the studio
  • Selected Participants will be given a question, if they succeed in answering the question, the participant will get a prize in the form of cash. Other prizes are also available, this is when during the show, the organizer informs you about other prizes
  • If you answer the question incorrectly, a new participant will be selected from the new round
  • the announcement will be announced by the host on the TV screen
  • Prizes in the form of cash will be sent via transfer to the winner’s account
  • Prizes for each question will vary.
  • Information regarding the prizes announced at the start of the show
  • Prize recipients cannot be transferred to other people/participants.

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