How to Refer a Friend on Shoprite App: Shoprite Money Market Program

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how to refer a friend on shoprite app – This time we will discuss the Money Market Account, which is part of Shoprite. Money Market is Shoprite’s bank account which it says has no monthly fees.

Shoprite claims that the Money Market Account can be used for all types of digital transactions, making it easier for you to make any transactions.

Interestingly, you (the user) will be given prizes in the form of Vouchers or money if you succeed in inviting friends or relatives to open an account at Shoprite via your referral code.

how to refer a friend on shoprite app
how to refer a friend on shoprite app
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This time you will discuss how to refer friends in the Shoprite application? Check out the following explanation!

About Shoprite App – Money Market Account

Before explaining how to refer friends on the Shoprite App, we will provide a little information about this site.

Some information you need to know about Money Market Accounts:

  • Money Market Account established and operated in South Africa
  • Own the domain
  • Have a social media account in the form of Facebook which is still named Shoprite
  • The application design is quite dubious and less attractive
  • Using SSL certification to help secure user data
  • No information about the developer/founder.

How to Register on Shoprite App – Money Market Account

To be able to refer friends, you must have an account at Shoprite/MMA (Money Market Account) first, here’s how to register/create an account at MMA:

  1. Open the browser you usually use
  2. Visit the site and find the registration page
  3. You will be asked to fill in several blank fields in the form of phone number (must be an African phone number), Email, African ID number, and promo code (if any), then complete the captcha.
  4. Make sure your phone number or email is entered correctly, so you can receive the OTP code
  5. If you have received the OTP code and completed the registration, then your account is ready to use.

how to refer a friend on shoprite app

You can refer your friends by sending your affiliate links to friends or relatives you know.

You can share the affiliate link in any way. The easiest, you can share it via personal chat or share it to your group of friends and relatives.

It’s easy, you just need to copy your referral code or affiliate link, and send it to your friends or relatives. If they register at Shoprite using your code or link, you will get a gift in the form of a voucher, as will they (your friends or relatives). They will get a little extra voucher or gift too.

You will earn at least R5 for every friend or relative who joins using your code or link.

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