Is BloomChic Legit? BloomChic (2022) Reviews
Is BloomChic Legit? BloomChic (2022) Reviews

Is BloomChic Legit? BloomChic (2022) Website Reviews

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Is BloomChic Legit — This time we will review BloomChic clothing, which sells plus size clothing online, is BloomChic legit or a scam?

Know What is BloomChic?

BloomChic is a fashion store that sells modern clothes for plus size women, the clothes they market are made specifically for plus size women’s curves and are sold at quite affordable prices. 

The products they market can only be seen in digital storefronts.

Yes, because it is an online store, so it can be seen by everyone from various places and can be sent to different cities and different countries. 

Is BloomChic Legit? BloomChic (2022) Reviews
Is BloomChic Legit? BloomChic (2022) Reviews

BloomChic products try their best to make plus size women the center of every new clothing production and design. In producing clothes, they always look at all aspects, ranging from body size, skin color, sexuality, culture, race, ethnicity, and others. 

Some information about BloomChic:

  • Email: (customer service contact)
  • Company: Shine Yee Technology Hongkong Limited

BloomChic Advantages

Some of the advantages possessed by BloomChic products:

  • High product quality

The products marketed are made using quality materials and attractive designs. Products are always inspected before being sent to customers, this is done to reduce shipping errors and product defects. 

  • Fast delivery

Your order can be delivered within 1 or 2 weeks, shipping may take a little longer if you live in a remote area. 

  • Good customer service

If there is a problem while making a transaction, you can contact the BloomChic customer service team. 

  • The products displayed match the product descriptions.

Information about the products in the storefront corresponds to the descriptions displayed. 

Complaints Regarding BloomChic

  • BloomChic’s price is deemed too expensive

Some people feel that the price of BloomChic’s products is too expensive. However, we think this is natural, the higher quality of BloomChic than other products can of course make it feel more expensive. Products with high quality will usually cost slightly higher production as well.

  • Refunds

BloomChic has no refund policy to customers. This is done to avoid any kind of fraud that can be done by customers. Make sure you read the refund policy on BloomChic before making a purchase.

  • Inefficient logistics

Delivery time will be a little longer, if you live in a remote area, this is of course beyond the control of BloomChic, because the sender is the shipping company.

So, Is BloomChic Legit or Scam?

So far there have been no major complaints from customers regarding the BloomChic, only a few complaints about slightly slower delivery times. Other than that, there’s nothing suspicious about BloomChic. Therefore, we believe that BloomChic is legit and not a scam. timahawk

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