Is Zizmall Legit or Scam? Review 2022

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is zizmall legit — In this era of increasingly rapid technological development, it requires many businesses to continue to innovate in order to attract more customers.

Currently, many consumers are spending their time on social media and the internet. This of course attracts the attention of business people to be able to enter and do digital marketing. 

is zizmall legit
is zizmall legit is also here to provide what customers want, namely the convenience of shopping online. However, is really legit and trustworthy?

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Let’s get to Know About is an online website / e-commerce that sells various kinds of daily necessities such as women’s clothing (tank tops, t-shirts, shirts, etc.), men’s clothing (t-shirts, boxers, shirts, etc.) and others), even disposable mask with a wide – range of types. Zizmall also offers discounts to consumers who make transactions.


That appear on the website There are several features available on the website, namely:

  • Address information. On the website, an address is written: 71 Shelton Street, Convent Garden, London.
  • Contact information is only an email and no other contacts. The email address listed:
  • Social media. No social media information listed on the website.
  • Refunds. It is said that consumers can request a refund of the product up to 20 days after the transaction, and the funds will be returned no later than 7 days from the time of filing of return in acc. 
  • Payment method. When making transactions on, the only available payment method is through Paypal.
  • Delivery. Granted discount shipping cost (free) if you spend more than $ 35, and long delivery to reach the hands of customers takes about 5 to 7 working days.
  • Reviews from customers. Not found reviews from customers on this website (it’s a little suspicious).

Is Legit?

To determine whether a website/platform is legit or not, there are several things that must be considered and must be fulfilled by the website. Here are some things that must be considered:

  • When does website registration occur? Zizmall registered its website on May 6, 2022. This shows that Zizmall is still very new.
  • Registrar. is registered and verified through Namesilo, LLC.
  • Trust Index. This website only has a trust index with a very small percentage of only 1%.
  • Data Security. This point is said to be safe because it was found “https” on the website.
  • Social media. No Social Media Zizmall was found on the website.
  • Customer Reviews. No customer reviews were found on the website
  • . Contact. The website only includes email and does not include a phone number.
  • Address. Although they include the address of the website, the address was not reliable because many other companies use the same address.

In conclusion

Because the site has a very low level of trust, the website’s life is still very short and the addresses and contacts are irrelevant and suspicious, we conclude that this site is a scam.

We urge buyers to always be careful when they want to do online shopping. We recommend that you find out more about the site you want to use to shop to avoid being scammed.

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